5 Proven Tips To Grow Your Social Media

1. Be consistent

 I know, not what you want to hear - but it’s true.  As the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.  By consistently showing up, you’re building trust with your audience, but more importantly, you’re building your confidence.  The more you show up, the easier it becomes.  

2. Be authentic

People want to see the real you, not the watered down version of you.  Social media has millions of daily users. Millions!  If you want to stand out, give your audience something that they can’t get anywhere else (yep! You guessed it, you!) 

3. Be social 

 If your bio says “no DMs” you’re already breaking this rule. Lots of people put this in an attempt to look more “professional”, but ultimately you could be scaring off any newcomers to your profile.  People want to feel welcomed.  Make time to respond to DMs, comment and like pictures, respond to comments, and anything else that shows there’s a real human behind your profile.

4. Be creative 

The great thing about pursuing purpose is that you get to be exactly who God created you to be. All of those out of the box ideas that you have, do it.  The things that make you “different”, do it.  Social media is meant to be fun.  Don’t make it too serious.


5. Be patient 

Patience falls next in line to being consistent.  Fun fact, our community started in 2018 with 0 followers.  Yep, ZERO! There were many days when our content would get no traction (I’m talking months).  It would’ve been easy to throw in the towel, but at some point you get tired of quitting and starting over.  Remember, slow progress is still progress. Don’t quit.


Use hashtags (30). Always share your posts to your stories (just in case people miss it on their feed).  Save and like your own posts (see if family/friends will do the same- this helps boost engagement). Make sure your content is eye catching and shareable and that it does one of the following things:



- entertain 

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  • Lucretia

    So helpful and also encouraging. Still figuring out instagram and how to be “social”. I’m reminded today that God’s grace is persistent, so I will be too.

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