New Year Resolutions For Women Of Faith In Business

2023 is almost here, and we're excited to push you closer towards the dreams that God has placed on your heart.
Here are 4 New Year resolutions that will help keep you on track:
1. Begin everyday with prayer.
Building a successful business requires a lot of decision-making.  As Christians, we are called to pray before making any decisions. Make it a resolution to go deeper in your prayer life especially when it comes to your business.  Praying before you jump into your day will help you start the day with the clarity that you need to make wise decisions.  
2.  When God says move, move.
No more procrastinating.  Those prayers are going to require you to take action.  Let God guide you toward what's best for your business.  Even if it goes against what YOU want, trust God and take the leap.  He always knows best.
3.  Be persistent.
Obeying God also means being persistent.  Even when it's taking longer than we expected.  Even when we face challenges.  Even when we want to quit.  Stay on top of the things that you are called to do.  Rest if you need to, but whatever you do, don't quit.
4. Trust God's timing.
Your business is dependent on God's timing.  Be patient.  We put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves when it comes to building a business.  This year, do your part and trust that God is going to do his.
If you haven't already mapped out your resolutions for the new year, take a moment to jot these down and add a few of your own to the list!
Cheers to a successful 2023!

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