About Us


Christian Entrepreneur Organization was founded in 2018 for Christian women entrepreneurs.  What started out as a motivational platform, has quickly grown into something so much more.

The mission behind our brand is simple: to encourage women of faith to go after the things that God has placed on their heart and let nothing get in the way of it.

Often times, in the beginning, the only person that can see your vision, is you.  That's why we've dedicated our brand to help christian women across the globe shift their mindset, so they can stay motivated and show up confidently as who God created them to be.

The bible says that we should speak those things that are not as though they were, and that’s exactly what we intend on doing - and we're going to make sure you do the same. 


I’m Taneshia, the founder of Christian Entrepreneur Organization.  I founded CEO For Women in 2018 with aspiring Christian entrepreneurs in mind. Having started multiple passion projects of my own and knowing the struggles that we face, I created this brand to give women the motivation that they need to keep going.

 The one thing that helped me along my journey (and still does) is positive affirmations. I'm a firm believer that we can create the life that we want simply by doing the work and speaking things into existence (Isaiah 55:11).

I am incredibly thankful for the women in this community and I can't wait to see you ladies accomplish everything that God has called you to do.

xoxo- Taneshia