All New Course and Journal

Simplifying Business for Christian Entrepreneurs.

Have you been sitting on an idea that God placed in your heart? Do you constantly second-guess yourself? Do you find yourself stuck in the same place, year after year, making little to no progress with your dreams?

If you're looking for access to proven strategies without the extra fluff ...

This is where you start.

Building a business can be challenging. Between balancing family life, your normal 9 to 5 gig, and knowing what strategies to apply to your business, things can get cloudy REALLY quick.

And that's why I created this journal.

Sometimes we get so deep in the hustle and bustle of entrepreneurship, that we hit burnout before we make any real progress, or even worse, we quit altogether.

This journal will give you the strategies you need to confidently do what God called you to do.

Does That Sound Like You?

More than likely, God has already placed an idea in your heart, but here’s where things get tricky - you either:

A. can’t figure out where to start

B. you’re overwhelmed and need to simplify things, or

C. you’ve let fear and other challenges get in your way.

But what if you finally got the strategies that you need to show up and pursue those ideas that God placed in your heart?

Things would probably look a lot different for you!

You'd be able to use your gifts and serve your people with confidence.

Yes, I need this journal!

Who Is This For?

If you’re a woman of faith, you can benefit from having this journal.

But it’s especially beneficial for those of you who:

➔ Are looking to take your ideas from your head, to reality.

➔ Need help simplifying the basics of identifying your purpose and gifts and building a business.

➔ Feel overwhelmed with everything that it takes to pursue your dreams.

➔ Know that God is calling you for more and you need strategy and motivation to pursue it.

➔ Need help growing your faith so that you can show up with confidence to do what God has called you to do.

➔ Want to package your gifts, talents and passion to find your tribe

➔ Want to launch a product or service

This NOT for you if ...

➔ You're looking for a quick fix

➔ Your product or service only benefits you

➔ You can't commit to being consistent

In this journal we cover everything from identifying your purpose, to business basics, to shifting your mindset, mastering social media, planning your launch and staying on track!

What's Included?

But Wait, There's More!

Here's What You Get!

I'm ready!

You Also Get ...

3 FREE phone lock screensavers to keep you motivated on your journey!

By The End Of The Modules You’ll Be Able To:

Identify your gifts

➔ Create content that converts

Create an email marketing plan

➔ Create a launch strategy for your product or service

Find manufacturers for your custom products

➔ Identify your target audience

Have a mindset shift

+ so much more!

More perks ...

Self paced

➔ Mobile and tablet friendly 

➔ 6 weeks of accountability emails

➔ The industries best kept secrets

Fast shipping, quality products, user friendly, Affordable price!

All for $129

Let’s get started!

Another bonus!

Free Gift While Supplies Last!

I'm ready to take the leap!